Is this house reno our last?

4 renovations down but is this one our last? We’ve been in our current house for just over 1 year and I walked by a renovation the other day, and the door was open. I peered through and when I saw the back of the house was torn down and they were in the middle of their renovation, I got a little bit excited. For a moment I missed the building site. I missed picking tiles, flooring, tapware. For a moment, I wished we were doing another one.

We are so lucky to be living where we are in the house we’re in. We’ve worked hard to get here though, moving every 2 years or so – kids and all – to do another. I love our house and we have more living and decorating to do in it. Many more memories to make. I skip across to the South Melbourne market on market days and pinch myself at what’s on my doorstep. So so lucky….

Here’s one before & after of the front bedroom (Spencer’s room)


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