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3 easy ways to spend quality time with your kids at home


The story of Habitots began with a vision to create a beautiful kids brand that engaged with families in unique ways. We set out to find products you couldn’t find everywhere and didn’t cost the earth. Each week we’re proud to welcome many little people into our space for specially developed classes where imaginations are set free to explore and create.

In this day and age, we have an increasingly difficult job as parents and need to juggle so many things that our own parents never had to. Technology has crept into our lives in so many useful ways, but you may still struggle with the balance of seductive screen time. It can sometimes be hard to drag your kids from them without an all-out battle and potential tantrum.

We see parents each day at Habitots, setting aside time to participate in quality activities with their kids and we love to see how their ‘Messy Play’ time becomes a ritual that both parents & kids love each week. That’s why we were excited to contribute to Bupa Life Insurance’s recent article, ’12 Fun Activities to Enjoy with Your Kids’.

Some of the simplest activities with kids can help forge beautiful bonds and special memories they will always remember. Try these three at home!

1. Fort making: I remember making forts as a child and loving the sense of adventure I felt. As an added bonus kids often feel a sense of closeness to whoever they make it with.

2.  Cardboard box adventures: Another simple, cost effective activity that kids adore. Let your kids lead the way to making a boat, rocket ship or house. They’ll love that you’re along for the ride and get swept into the imagination of their creation.

3. Read them a ‘book in your head’: My Dad always told us stories at bedtime that he made up on the fly, and guess what, my kids love just the same thing. So next time at bedtime, make up silly names, settings and adventures and watch as they are totally captivated by the stories and ask for more each night.

So set aside an hour and actively engage with your kids to see what special bonds you can create. Put the phone down, get lost in the fun and watch as their own self-esteem grows and they develop through play. You really only need your imagination and some products from home to bring these activities to life. ​

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