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5 tips to design a gorgeous, practical playroom

Habitots playroom

Don’t let the word “playroom” scare you – we all know that finding a designated space for a playroom is hard. However, no matter the amount of space to have to work with there are ways to use what you’ve got to create a magical and imaginative environment. Here are a few tips that provide some amazing inspiration!

1. Understand your space. Do you have a whole room to design, or is it a corner of your child’s existing bedroom? Maybe a bit of the living space that you want to transform? Whatever it is, take a good look at what you have to work with before making any purchases.

2. Select a colour palette. Monochrome is so versatile and unisex, and pairs well with your main living area, if that’s the room you’re redesigning. The great thing is that monochrome doesn’t have to be just black and white! Blush tones, greys and even shades of blue can create a soft and inviting space for you and for kids. Or go the other route and bring the colour! That’s what we wanted for the playroom that Mardi Mason styled for us last year – a bright and happy space that is quite obviously a playroom!

house playspace
Houses are perfect to define a space and make little cubbies to play in! By Mommo Designs (click to link)

3. Find a hero piece. For our playroom (top photo) it was that amazing fruity wallpaper by Jane Reiseger. It anchored the corner and we were able to match the Arro Home floor Rug & Sack Me cushions and even the books to pull out all the bold colours. Yours might be an amazing piece of framed wall art from artists like Pax & Hart or Jessie Breakwell, a giant bean bag or a fabulous and fun light fixture.

We love this blackboard wall and little shelf that makes drawing & crafting fun. By Pop Sugar (click for link)

4. Incorporate some type of storage. There are so many funky and practical storage options now, and it will really help you feel at peace with your area if you have someplace you can put all the toys at the end of the day! We used the canvas storage bags but there are also gorgeous options by Olli & Ella that we love as well.

playroom 2.jpg
This washi tape track is perfect to use for a while then switch when the car phase is over! Love the lego storage too. By Le Jardin de Juliette



good storage.jpg
Great wall storage for a room without much floor space. By Cirkus

5. Have fun & be flexible! It’s a playroom for a reason! Enjoy the process and let your imagination run wild. Your likes will change and the kids will grow so flexible options such as Wondermade Wall stickers are also a cost effective, fun way to keep updating the space.

Habitots Albert Park playroom

Habitots Albert Park playroom

Habitots Albert Park art room

We’re always looking for ways to make gorgeous and practical playrooms and pin lots of stuff on our Pinterest page…you can check it out here!


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