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8 signs you’re doing a great job as a parent

This article is from Babyology, and can be read in full here


We love that the first sign listed in this article, is letting kids get messy! The articles goes on to say:

“Mud, dirt, paint or food: if your children are covered in it, then well done! Soggy shoes will dry out and mud or paint will wash off, but what won’t disappear are the great things that happen when kids get messy. Every time you let your children explore the backyard, picking up and looking at things they find on the ground, their immune systems are getting stronger. Scientific studies have even found that getting dirty cheers you up. Also, messy experiences are always sensory experiences – that’s why kids inevitably end up eating sand at the beach and squelching their feet in mud. Because it feels good!

The list of ‘good parenting attributes’ includes:

1. You let them get messy
2. You read their favourite book over and over again
3. You’re ok with them being bored
4. You say YES to creative play (we do too!)
5. You let them dress up in crazy outfits
6. You give them skills to use in the real world
7. You don’t mind getting down and dirty
8. You show them how to take risks


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