H&M wardrobe update suzanne acteson
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A winter wardrobe makeover from H&M for $200

So I had my 3rd boy, Charlie last June and lived under ponchos, track pants and maternity jeans all of last winter. Melbourne weather started to turn a bit last week, so I took myself off to H&M for a quick shop. I walked out with a great haul, all for about $200 which should see me through the winter. Below you can see:

High Waist (hide the mummy tummy) jeans
2 knits (grey & black) in longer, hide-the-bum lengths
1 cotton grey basic, LS V-neck (also longer length)
1 chunky rollneck (or Turtle neck as I would call the) for the soccer sidelines
1 black & white Poncho to where everyday
1 soft pink sweatshirt (bit longer in length)
1 black & white striped dress for the days I have the confidence and the weather isn’t that cold


H&M wardrobe update suzanne acteson

I was given some great advice last year when I had a styling session with from the lovely Feather & Noise (also a great place to get some perfect, casual run-to-school, head-to-work pieces). I’d turned to the low-cut jeans somewhere in my 20’s/30’s, and they suggested the high-waisted jean to hide the mummy tummy. Wow! Never going back! I now live in my F&N jeans and also grabbed a new pair at H&M for the incredibly low $14.95.

So all in all, a great update for the winter wardrobe cause everyone knows how a few new pieces of clothing, that actually fit, can help boost your confidence, put a smile on your dial and keep you kicking goals.

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