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Suzanne Acteson cooking south melbourne kitchenI’m Suzanne Acteson, a mum to 3 gorgeous boys & wife to my hunky English husband, Rob. At 26, I left my homeland of Canada for 2 months, to travel around Australia & Asia. That was 18 years ago, and since then I have been creating the life I’ve always wanted and re-creating it when needed. I’m not afraid of change & taking risks and being brave. I occasionally wake in the wee hours to worry about it, but mostly fly full steam ahead trying to live my best life.

In 2013, after 11 years in advertising, I left my executive job to create my dream of Habitots. Over the past 5 years I’ve built a concept store, a creative arts program for kids under 5, developed an events business and a beautiful community of parents who have followed and supported us along the way. In 2017, when life was racing past us at a mile a minute, we decided to slow the treadmill and followed a dream to move to France. We now live simply, where I write, consult & freelance in digital media, cook and live more slowly in what I like to call the new simple, modern way. 

When I’m not running around after my 3 wild boys, you can find me in the kitchen. I’m no chef or pro in the kitchen, but have found that I’m at peace in the kitchen and it’s my sweet spot. I find it to be a place of reflection & meditation, my music in the background, dough in my fingers. 

I’ve recently embarked on writing my first book. I’m excited beyond words and can’t wait to reveal my project in a few months time! 

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What is Habitots?

Habitots is all about inspiring and helping mums live a simple, modern life. We took everything we breathed in our retail concept store and built a gorgeous website to continue its legacy. We love DIY & playing with kids and know that mums are after inspiration on how to do this more.

My favourite story is about the mum who worked 4 days a week and use to come into our store on her 1 day off, to do art classes with her little girl. She declared that this was best day of her week and we were touched that Habitots formed such an important part in the bonding she did with her daughter. We want to keep this magic going, keep inspiring mums to DIY & craft with their kids and engage in simple playing activities each week. 

The Habitots website is just that & more. We like to arm you with ways of simplifying your home & organising it to make more time for real living. We want to inspire you to see the world, take on adventures with your family close & far from home. We want to share ways of cooking more simply and share the joy I personally get in my kitchen. 

We want to make you think and see that a modern life doesn’t need to be one filled with things and chaos. We all want our kids to grow into empathetic human beings and hope that through our own stories of simplifying and living life to the fullest, we inspire you to do the same. 


Habitots eventsHabitots Events

Over the past 5 years, we’ve developed a beautiful creative kids program, that was initially run in our concept store, but is now made available at external locations around Melbourne. 

We are experts in designing custom workshops for kids under 5, popping up for clients in malls & events on a regular basis or for special occasions. 

We are also hired to attend kids parties and events where kids need to be entertained with good old-fashioned fun.  

You can find out more about upcoming events and see some examples of the parties we attended & events we’ve taken part in here. 




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