Habitots is all about navigating this world with little people.  In a world that is busy, chaotic and at times stressful, we try to find joy in the simplicity of what life can be.  We believe in the importance of simple modern living and at the heart of this is making time for adventure, play & making whenever possible.  

We all want our kids to grow into empathetic human beings, but this is hard and with the daily stresses of work & life. We want to arm you with stories, how-tos, articles and inspiration to help you slow it all down and make room for more living. 

Living a more simple life can be hard and we love to share ways to make it easier. Living more intentionally is at the heart of what we believe and we love finding & sharing simple, easy to follow habits to do this every day. We hope you’re keen to join us on this journey of motherhood, and share in our passion to stop the chaos and embrace the small joys that surround us each day. 

We have so much practice playing & making with kids, that we share this with our community at events & activations. Using our propritary Creative Learning Program, we plan and execute events for individuals, companies and organisations and love collaborating with businesses & brands.



About our founder, Suzanne (click for full bio here)

After 11 years working in advertising and most recently running an agency in Melbourne, I left adland to follow my dream and the vision of Habitots I’d had in my head for over 7 years.

I’m a mum to 3 small boys and I have the most supportive, funny and encouraging husband ever. I could have never done this without his help. He calls me his rock but he’s definitely mine. I guess we make a good team.

In 2017, we’ve decided to embark on a dream as a family, and are moving to France for 1-2 years! In a way, we are ready to live and breath the philosophy of Habitots and to really play with our kids, slow down and savour the time with our family, while our kids are young. As the primary writer of the Habitots blog, I will enjoy writing more, and will also continue to market and promote Habitots from France as we have business that will continue in my absence (and under the guise of my awesome team in Melbourne). My eyes and ears will be open to creative opportunities and I always love to collaborate with businesses & brands, so just give me a shout if you’re keen to work together.

My email is suzanne@habitots.com.au and I’d love to hear from you. 

A bientot,
Suzanne x

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