3 ways to refresh the school lunchbox!

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]h, school lunches, the daily dilemma. Sometimes it’s hard enough to get to school on time, let alone coming up with interesting lunch ideas for your kids. But as Tolstoy said, ‘spring is the time of plans and projects’. There’s no need to go with the same combination of sandwiches, crackers and fruit every day when there are so many ideas to explore. At the greengrocer and markets, new season fruits and vegetables make their welcome appearance during spring. Make the most of berries and mandarins, while vegetables such cauliflower, peas, beetroot, capsicum and asparagus have a strong spring presence. And lots of beautiful colours to brighten up any lunchbox!

We’ve found some fabulous ideas and combinations (which you will enjoy too). You’ll never hear “Oh, not ham and cheese again…” or how clever is this 'no more soggy toasted ham & cheese' post from Childhood 101?


Mouth-watering, creative ideas are collected here by the dozen, from green pea hummus to sweet potato chips, lunchbox pasta to lemon & zucchini muffins. We love the look of these chips and are sure the kids will to! The clever folks at La Clever de la Crumb have enticed us with this one.

Sweet potato chips

And if you can’t (or your children won’t) let go of ham and cheese, why not try these crust-less mini quiches by Will Cook for Friends? These are perfect for lunch boxes or any occasion.

quiche 2

What better way to start spring than giving your children a fresh taste for their lunchbox. Bon appétit!      
Jane Woolard
Jane Woolard


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