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In the busy-ness of life, it’s important to set aside even just a moment to reflect, re-discover or rejig your focus.  While it may feel that time isn’t on your side when you’re a parent, there are ways to make the most of any time you have, in between the daily juggle of work, children, and home!

(1)  Go for a walk. No matter how stressed, frazzled or tired you feel, sometimes a brisk walk will clear your head, refresh your senses and uplift your spirits. This time of year there are so many blossoms and flowers budding into their full glory – make the time to see them in your neighbourhood.

(2)  Call a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while. It’s always lovely to reconnect with people who are important in your life. It makes you rediscover what you love about them – and you’ll make their day, which will make you feel good too!
(3)  Visit your favourite bookshop or library at a quiet moment and enjoy the serenity. Re-read a favourite book or discover a new one. At times it will be difficult to find time for yourself. But, precious moments like this give us a chance to appreciate all the components that are part of the tapestry of our lives – children, family, partners, friends, health, work and home.

Jane Woolard
Jane Woolard


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