Creative Play - Monsters Week


A new twist on an old favourite. Resist painting is a great way to add colour to your drawings and has a great wow factor. Ahead of Halloween next week, kids will love creating monsters and goblins - in fact, they would love making them at any time of the year! 



Oil pastels or crayons (fluro colours work best)

Food dye and water or watercolours (I use just the 3 primary colours, red, yellow and blue)

Paper and brushes

Smocks (food dye can stain)



Draw first using the pastels. Start with the monster body then add it's eyes, are they crazy, angry, pretty or sleepy? Follow with a monster mouth, does it have sharp teeth? Finish off with arms and legs and any extra features, maybe a tail, spikes or spots?


Paint over the whole page with the food dye.
See how the colour 'resists' the oil pastels because oil and water don't mix!


Now the fun part! Holding the brush over the page, gently flick another colour over the top. Notice what new colours are made as they mix. Keep flicking until your happy with the result. Stop when you see little puddles forming. Dry flat to avoid dripping. 



Karyn Herath
Karyn Herath


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