Creative Play - Peg Horses

Inspired by the Melbourne Cup, this week at Habitots we are off and racing with our Peg Horses. So much fun to make and to play with, these can be as simple or as fancy as you like. 


Horse body shape: you could use card, however I used foam sheets. It's more durable than card, easy to cut and comes in great colours. I love this stuff!
Foam Shapes: saddles, manes and any other decorations you fancy.
Glue: I used PVA but a glue stick may do the job
Hole Punch
Googley Eyes



Start with punching a hole in the horses bottom, thread the wool through and tie it in a knot. Next, glue on the eyes, saddle, mane and any other features you want to add. Remember to put them on both sides of the horse. Once the glue is dry finish it off with the peg legs. Your horse is now ready to race, giddy up!


Karyn Herath
Karyn Herath


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