Spring is in full swing now and all the flowers are showing off their fabulous colours. This week in Creative Play we are celebrating Spring's colourful blooms with spin painted flowers, block prints, digging in the dirt and paper flower crowns. Become a Spring King or Queen with this easy paper craft activity.

Patty pans
Long strips of card
Glue sticks
Sequins or Pom Poms
Sticky Tape



1. Cut 6ish evenly spaced slits from the edge to the centre of the patty pans to make the flower petals. 

2. Glue approximately 6 flowers onto the card strips, evenly spaced.

3. Decorate the centres of the flowers by sticking sequins or pom poms into some glue.

4. Measure the card around your head and tape the ends together into a crown.

Done! Now see if you can find some real spring flowers to decorate and play with.


Karyn Herath
Karyn Herath


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