Creative Play - Stamp, Stamp, Stamp!

Here at Habitots we love to use paint pads and stamps and this week in Creative Play we are using them to make colourful caterpillars and butterflies. Inspired by Eric Carle's classic story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar we are also making stick puppets, folded butterflies and fun-dough caterpillars.

Paint pads are a simple and relatively mess-free way of doing painting at home. They can also be used as a great starting point for creative drawings. Using stamps, corks, blocks or even your fingers to print simple shapes, you can then turn them into people, animals, monsters or anything you can imagine!


Paint Pads



and for extra details googly eyes, sequins, stickers etc.



Practice good printing skills by firmly and evenly pressing the stamp into the paint pad and onto the paper. If your paint pads are well used and are beginning to go dry, add a little paint to the sponge and rub it in to refresh them.

Begin your artwork by printing a series of simple shapes. Imagine what you could turn them into, for example, rows of circles can become a caterpillar's body and triangles with their points facing in can be a butterfly. Using textas, add more details, like antenae, feet, or patterns. Continue to add more to your drawing, either by printing or drawing. You can even add 3D elements like googly eyes, sequins, butttons, stickers to make it a real work of art!

Karyn Herath
Karyn Herath


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