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For young children, painting is largely a sensory experience. Exploring colour mixing, feeling the sensation of paint on the hands, seeing what different brushes and sponges can do are wonderful learning experiences for artists of all ages. 

Busy artists do create A LOT of work though, here are some creative ways to share the results of all of their explorations.


Cut out a part of the artwork in an interesting shape; a circle, heart or star. Glue it onto a blank card along with a message about what your artist has been learning.


Cut out lots of circle shapes from a variety of artworks, along with a few plain coloured papers. Display using Blu-tac in a circle shape. Other interesting shapes to use could be stars, cars or hearts.


Use decorative hole punches to make a variety of shapes to use in new collage artworks.


Come and visit us at Habitots to explore lots of interesting ways of creating with paint and to see our creative displays of our artworks.

Karyn Herath
Karyn Herath


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