Simple and easy ways to style a party affordably

We love a fun, colourful party and we know it doesn't have to cost the earth! We suggest picking either a theme that your child will love or a colour scheme that will fit the tone of the party you want. 

From there, it's about pulling some party accessories together that revolve around your key decorating elements. Big balloons like our Poppies for Grace balloons make a statement and fill a room with colour as soon as your guests walk in. 

If your child is in love with a character like Peppa the Pig, you don't have to spend big $$ on huge amounts of licensed tableware & accessories. Instead, get a few things that will make an impact like a poster or stuffed Peppa that can go on the wall or table & then a tablecloth that is cost effective but has a big impact. After that, combine colours like pink, green and white to compliment the theme. Get an offcut of synthetic grass to run along the table and you'll look like a stylist! 

For the bigger themed parties, it's all about layering up things that hang, float and can add pops of fun. Helium balloons always make a room look nice and full and are cost effective to buy and have filled. The discount shops have honeycomb balls, bunting and other great paper accessories to make a gorgeous display. 

The most important thing is about your kids having fun so don't stress too much about the decor and think more about the entertainment or activity. Stay tuned for some great party activities coming soon. 

Suzanne Acteson
Suzanne Acteson


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