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Budget-savvy tips to update your wardrobe without spending a fortune

One of the biggest changes for me over the last 3 years, has been adjusting my spending habits  to fit the budget of a small business owner. This. Has. Been. Hard. You see, I worked really hard in Adland for 11 years and was on very good money. At the time though, I didn’t realise how fortunate I was, when I never had to watch my bank account and was saving for property investments instead of next weeks coffees. It’s very easy to lose perspective, until it’s taken away.

White jeans, new shoes, new top

Well, it wasn’t really taken away, I made a very conscious decision to start my own business for all the reasons that you can imagine but never did I imagine it to be this hard with cashflow and spending money. And wow, I have developed quite a skill at saving and spending (more like not spending!)…so much so, that I now do a wardrobe refresh about once a year and feel SO good about it. The latest one cost me $232, which is what I would drop on a pair of jeans previously.

Black/white spot pants, new shoes

Now I’m not here preaching that you have to stop shopping and curb your own spending, but there is definitely something satisfying with spending less, minimising and paring the closet down to things you actually wear. Our trip to France has been the impetus to clean my closet out again, but this time down to 1 suitcase!

So last Saturday, I ventured out to the city to update a few things in my closet and $232 later and I felt like a million bucks. It helped that I was shopping for summer clothes and we are going into winter here in Melbourne – so I was looking for end of season items and clearance sales, (which does also take a certain energy to dig through the racks). But so worthwhile. Here is what I was able to come up with:

– 1 pair of white jeans ($29.95 instead of $69.95)
– 1 black denim skirt ($50 instead of $150)
– 1 blue cotton skirt ($19.95 instead of $49.95)
– 1 black Hepburn-style skirt ($19.95 instead of $49.95)
– 1 striped top ($12.95)
– 1 grey/white striped dress ($19.95 instead of $49.95)
– 1 pair of black/white spot lounge pants ($19.95)
– 1 pair of black lounge pants ($14.95 instead of $39.95)
– 1 pair of rose gold shoes ($44.95 instead of $59)

all clothes

black denim skirt
Black denim skirt (which I cut to make knee-length instead of mid-calf)

So as you can see, everything I bought goes together and would make about 7 different outfits. If you’re looking for an update that is in the current season, then there are also some great choices out there with brands such as Feather & Noise or The Frow Boutique. I love these online stores as they are small businesses, often run by mums who get the style and need to fit. I did an update post-baby at Feather & Noise a couple of years ago  and went into their studio to pick & be styled too! How much fun, but a wee bit dangerous cause I walked out with more than I intended!

So maybe think twice about that next purchase and see whether you’re able to do it in a smarter way. I think when it comes to spending, you can justify beautiful key pieces for the wardrobe and I’m personally swooning over a cashmere cardigan that I know will last for years. Next birthday perhaps!

You can also read about our H&M update we did last year here. 

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