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I’m Suzanne, the founder and creator of Simply Living. I lived a hectic, overwhelming and cluttered life less than 3 years ago. Since then, I’ve worked hard to slow life down, simplify and am spending more time doing the things I truly love.

I’m so thrilled to launch my Simply Living course to help others, like you, reduce your stress, overwhelm and take simple steps to make real change in your life.

I’ve recorded a video below to tell you a bit more about the course, who it’s for and what to expect.

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A 4-part system to more calm & less chaos in your home and to
finding time for the things you love doing.

Do you feel like life is way too hectic, busy and overwhelming and your running just to keep up?

Is you home a cluttered mess of toys and things you don’t need that you’re constantly tidying up?

Do you wish you could spend more time with your kids while they’re young and focus on what matters most?

Do you have dreams for your career, family or yourself that you want time, energy and space to dedicate to?                     

You’re not alone. Many other women feel the same way but don’t know where to start to make the changes they need to have a more simple life.

I’m here to help. I’ve been there, have learned how to live with less and have simplified some parts of our lives so we can focus on other parts that really matter. 

Let me help you reduce stress, clutter and overwhelm and make you, your home & your family feel lighter and start doing the things you love doing together.

Simplify to Amplify across 4 modules


This is all about you & your mindset. What does simplifying look like & mean for you?​


Roll up your sleeves to get rid of physical clutter. Let's make it look & feel like the home you want.​


Who, where and how you spend your time. Freeing it up to do more things you love.​


How to take everything we learn and put it to practice in your life.​

What's inside the Simply Living course, you ask? keep scrolling...

Module 1: Your Story


In module 1 of the course, we will take a close look at your own story, where you are now and where you want to be when it comes to simplifying your life.

Understanding better why you want to simplify will help you find the tools & information that best suits you & your family situation. This section is very important to set the foundation for your future Simplified self.

I will take you through the Personal Priority Ladder (PPL) to help you gain a better understanding of the priorities in your life, important people and easier path to making a difference in your life.

Module 2: Your Home


In module 2 of the course, we will take a deep-dive into your home and start to declutter from top to bottom! Many people need to learn how to do this, because we haven’t been programmed to live this way. It’s ok, I’ll teach you how.

Toys, closets, linen cupboards, kitchen cupboards. Did know that you don’t need 12 mugs and 20 plates for a family of 4?

If you’ve started to declutter then great! We will work on lots of new areas and I’ll help you really get to the bottom of those pesky trouble areas & sentimental items.

When we start to declutter, your physical and emotional stress starts to come down and you take control over your spaces again.

Module 3: Your Time

ways to make more time in your day

After you’ve worked on the physical clutter in your life, we need to start better organising your life & your time. Getting organised isn’t just about buying nice new containers for your pantry. It’s much more than that! Organising your family & home so it runs more smoothly, is the key to reducing the overwhelm for you.

Who, how & what you spend your time on is critical in assessing how we make better use of it. Taking a look at your PPL from module 1 will help us do this more effectively.

We will work on all areas of your personal, work & home life to help you reduce the stress & overwhelm and make you real space for living.

Module 4: Your Life


The last of the 4-part system is about creating more abundance in your life and taking that time you’ve freed up, to practice joyful activities.

We will create new rituals, routines and habits which are at the root of your new calm. Shifting mental barriers and really get you living with less – not just saying so, is key to making a real difference in your life.

I’ve developed a unique section for this module, that helps you explore your dreams further. This could be a business dream, a family dream, a hobby you want to take up. I’ve been a serial leap taker and know what courage it takes to make these big changes and want to help others do it too.

What you get

  • 4-part course over 8 weeks
    with lifetime access
  • Intimate community with 4 group coaching calls
  • Private Facebook group
  • Free downloads & worksheets


8 week course valued at $497

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Take intentional steps to simplify, live with less & get more out of life

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