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Making Easter Carrot cookies at home

I’ve often found myself baking at Easter and I believe now, it’s due to the long stretch of time (and fitness regimes) between December and April. I love to bake but once I get into January, and start taking more care with eating healthy again, the last thing on my recipe list is sugar cookies.

So Easter rolls around, and I’m ready again. Now as some of you know, I’m not a recipe-baker but a ‘bit of this, bit of that’ baker. I like to substitute ingredients, try coconut oil instead of butter, whole meal flour and am always hiding vegetables so my son can’t find them in my baked goods. But one recipe I don’t mess with are sugar cookies. However, my huge batches at Christmas were slightly different due to us now baking in France with new flours, butter and a terrible oven. I didn’t let it keep me from having a go again.

So I set about doing some Easter baking with Charlie and Oliver on a rainy Sunday afternoon. The sugar cookie recipe can be found here, as can the recipe for royal icing. I did halve both though, as didn’t want to be rolling cookies into the evening.

I found a cookie cutter in a carrot shape which I thought was cute, but equally egg and bunny shapes are perfect for Easter.

Making easter carrot cookies

For the royal icing, I separated it into 2 bowls. 3/4 of it was for the orange carrots and 1/4 of it for the green tops. I used squeezy bottles ($2 shop, supermarket, kitchen stores) which work really well for piping, especially with kids. No bags or mess (well there is mess but just less!) and it’s fun for the kids to draw designs while decorating the cookies.

The technique for getting flat icing, is to add 1/4 teaspoon of water to the icing at a time, until it’s the right consistency and floods the cookie in about 10-12 seconds. Watch this video here to learn how to easily do this. It helped me.

Making easter carrot cookies

Then pipe the outside of the cookie, followed by the inside and the shaking side to side helps spread it around evenly.

I only rolled out half of the dough, keeping more for next weekend which is Easter. We also have leftover icing which will also keep in the fridge.

Have fun and please comment below if you have a go!

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Easter carrot cookies

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