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Well we are now counting the weeks and days until we leave, which is on June 20th! We cleaned Oliver’s room this weekend and he even has a little pile of clothes ready to pack (eek!), his carry-on is set aside (well it’s packed full but I’ll be going through it before we go!) and his closet is empty. We’ve left his things up around his room so it doesn’t look too deserted. ­čÖé

Spencer’s room is going to take another go – most of our toys are in there so I need to muster up some energy to tackle that one. I will probably try to do this ‘sans’ kids too as it’s much easier when they’re not pulling stuff out of the piles and saying ‘ooohhh I remember┬áthis!‘.

My office is also something I need to tackle asap! Lots of throwing out and filing to do! Here is the before shot…wish me luck!


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