Our Creative Learning Program

We do not currently have any regular classes running but will send out an email when we have them up and running again. Sign up to our newsletter to hear first!

At Habitots, we love to watch kids play and grow and most of all have fun. Our classes & workshops wherever we conduct them, have been developed with kids under age 5, in mind.

Fathers Day drill paint 5

Our proprietary program is called the Habitots Creative Learning ProgramTM and has its foundations in the teaching philosophy of play-based learning. Kids under 5 years, predominately learn through play and the benefits of play cannot be underestimated (but often are!).

A well researched area, play is fundamental in developing fine and gross motor skills, encouraging language development and creative thinking, inspiring imaginative play and above all is great fun! Our focus is the process, over product and encouraging independent play.

Our program is themed-based and each session combines up to 4 stations to foster different learning styles, ages and children’s abilities. We explore with a variety of materials, techniques, sensory activities and tools that wouldn’t necessarily be considered art tools. And watch as kids paint with a drill or run their trucks through the paint!


We do not currently have any regularly scheduled classes but you can join us each month at Highpoint Shopping Center and can find out more about it here.