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Hiding goodness into beautifully simple foods (for kids or you!)

As some of you know, our middle son who is 6 doesn’t eat a great variety of foods. For that reason I’m always trying to sneek more nutritious ingredients into his food and incidently ours.

I have a range of hidden ingredients that I put into his food, usually without his knowing.

This porridge is a winner and I cook it with a big tablespoon of coconut oil and a couple of tablespoons of a nut mixture (like LSA that you can get in Aus which is a linseed, sunflower and almond meal). Watch that you don’t put in too much though, as it can be detected! I can’t find LSA in France but it can easily made on your own with a coffee grinder if you can get the raw ingredients. Oliver doesn’t opt for the fruit on top, but I try to source a local honey to go on top, or beautiful maple syrup if we have it. I can’t go past poached fruit and my homemade muesli on top, delish!

Are you a beginner porridge maker? Just add 1 cup of oats to 2 cups of water, bring to a boil then reduce to simmer until the oats are cooked. Then add what you want to add flavour and a little sweetness, such as coconut oil, cinnamon, nutmeg, sultanas, stewed fruit. These seasonal plums are divine when cooked and caramalised slightly. I top it with a muesli to add some more nutty flavour, and crunchy texture. Yum!

You can add LSA to any batter, cookies, pancakes, breads without changing the texture and outcome too much. I usually add a bit more liquid, fruit or fat (coconut oil is perfect) to compensate for the extra dry ingredient.

The other thing I do with most batters is mix a white and whole meal (whole-wheat) flour, use coconut oil instead of butter and sometimes grate zucchini or add puréed cauliflower in small quantites.

morning glory muffins

All of these strategies help boost my sons veggie intake, fill him up with more nutrient-rich foods and we always see a difference in his behaviour when he eats well. Win-win!

We’re not moving mountains but taking little steps and when I have the time to bake or cook with these ingredients, I also feel better. I feel as though I’m taking the time that’s needed to fuel his little body with the right stuff and keeping him running as optimal as possible.

pizza sauce 2

Before I sign off, I thought I’d give you the link to my pizza base and pasta sauce recipe here, which is perfect to hide veggies and freeze for later use.

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