Kids DIY: Make a Geo-board (how-to video)


This tutorial is super easy and has so many benefits for kids, and will keep them busy for ages. You could glue the pins in if you’re worried that they may fall out around little people.

We bought our cork board from Ikea – and is actually a trivet (for hot pots and dishes) so you’ll find it in the kitchen section. The pins and elastic bands can be found at any stationary store.

A few tips from our Creative Learning Program:

– talk about different colours of the rubber bands
– make different shapes with the bands, have kids identify them
– count the number of pins
– if you line up the pins in lines, you can progress the activity to maths problems, angles, shapes such as squares and rectangles.
– For slightly older kids, you can draw some shapes on a page and have kids copy them. Great for teaching paying attention to details and transferring information from one place to another. Also teaches how to copy and space correctly.
– Great for teaching spatial concepts and kids who have good spatial analysis skills, generally perform better at maths!



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