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Kids DIY: Make a leaf mobile (How-to video)


It’s already winter in Australia but no matter where you are around the world, collecting leaves, sticks and things from around your neighbourhood is a much-loved activity to do with kids.

Watch here for our easy Habitots How-to staring a favourite Habitots customer Claire & mum Karyn!

Not only is this activity easy and relatively mess-free but it encourages them to find fun in their surroundings and helps them understand that you don’t always need a trip to the store to ‘buy’ things in order to get making! We love a low-key, low-cost activity and this one is perfect for 1-6 year olds. The older ones will enjoy it too and you could increase the complexity by decorating the stick with yarn that also takes good hand-eye coordination and a bit of time.

A few tips from our Creative Learning Program:

– talk about different colours & textures
– use a magnifying glass to add a fun element when hunting for your materials
– you can decorate your materials with glue & glitter (or you tolerate glitter at home)
– buy a salt shaker from the dollar shop for your glitter to minimise mess and have some good shaking fun (do this outside for less mess)
– make patterns in the leaves with a hole punch if you have one
– does you little one love paint? Add a few drops inside a salad spinner and spin away to create a beautiful effect



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