how to make Bircher muesli
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Our easy go-to breakfast that lasts for days

So one of my go-to recipes for the morning (especially in spring & summer) is bircher muesli or soaked oats as some call it. I like this recipe as I can get it ready on a Sunday and it feeds us for at least 3 days.

Bicher muesli is what we’ve called it since living in Australia for a long time, where bircher is on most breakfast menus. Now in the south of France, trendy cafe distantly positioned 30-45 minutes away, I take making bowls of this beautiful morning breakfast seriously and love that it costs a fraction of the cafe prices I use to pay!

how to make bircher muesli

Traditionally, Bircher muesli is oats that are soaked in milk, juice or water overnight. Depending on where you eat them, they often have nuts and seeds added to them, grated apple is also added for natural sweetness. When consumed in the morning, we mix plain natural yogurt through and top with fresh fruit.

Thankfully, both of my younger and older son love bircher muesli so it feeds both of them happily and of course, me as well. While I have my seeds out, I usually make a flour mixture that I use in my other son’s meals. You can also stir through the seeded flour and just the oats, if your little people squirm at the sight of seeds and pick small chia seeds out of a pile of fruit. 

Bircher muesli

2 cups of oats*
2 cups of liquid (milk, water, juice)*
1-2 tbps of any of these seeds (buckwheat, chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds)
Shredded coconut
Any sliced nuts that you have
Grate 1 apple
Add a teaspoon of vanilla, some honey, cinnamon,
Stir together and leave covered in the fridge overnight.

In the morning, spoon out what you want to eat into a bowl, add plain/natural yogurt and fresh fruit to the top. A drop of honey is nice to finish it off.

*The only 2 necessary ingredients, everything else is up to you and what’s in the pantry. 

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