Our Passion

Our Passion 
Kids are born to play, love to laugh and are so eager to learn. It's our job to help them do this everyday and provide the environment where they can do this with selfless abandon.

Watch, as children pick up a new toy or dump a puzzle out on the ground. At first, they don’t play with it as the instructions say – they explore, use trial and error, get frustrated but continue to persevere. This is all part of learning and is how kids build their confidence and develop into little people. Playing helps them grow, learn skills and experience the world around them.

As you watch kids play and move from one game to another, don't you love how they can break into a fit of laughter at the silliest little thing? Isn't that what people love about kids: Their ability to smile, laugh and be care-free? They're born with this innate ability to laugh and as adults, we can learn so much from them, enabling us to do more of it ourselves. One of the most powerful things in our family is our ability to laugh – at ourselves and with each other. Laugh and you’ll feel better. Release endorphins, feel lighter. Feel alive.

As parents we're here to teach our kids and help them to learn. What is learning without playing? What is learning without laughing? It's not all about sitting in a classroom and learning academically. Most of our learning comes from our experiences, the things to which we expose our kids, the opportunities we put in front of them.

How does this all involve Habitots? It’s our philosophy, what we believe in and why we exist. The more people play, laugh and learn the more kids and families grow and get the most of life.

Our Values

Our core values are important to us and are what make us tick. We're trying to do things differently, more consciously, more aware of the people, places and things around us. As we source products, we ask the questions about how they're manufactured, how they impact the environment, how we can source them more sustainably?

It's not just the way of the future, it's the way of today. We all need to be more accountable for the environment, discover how socially and economically we impact the countries and land from which we source our products. It take a bit more effort but our kids and grandkids will certainly thank us for it.

At Habitots, we also don't just think of our suppliers as just manufacturers of a good or writers of a story. They are so much more than that. They are product designers, architects, graphic artists and passionate journalists who have put their life and soul into their products and businesses alike. Without them, we wouldn't be here. So thank you Partners for continuing to bring us amazing words of wisdom and innovative products that never cease to amaze.

The last part of our DNA is about giving back: supporting charities and organisations about which we feel passionate about both here in Australia and abroad. It's certainly not a handout, but extending a helping hand to those who need it. We currently support The Hunger Project Australia, St Kilda Mums and many community organisations in the Bayside area. Find out more about our giving program here.