Party FAQs

We get a lot of questions about parties and even though each one is a unique special day, we have some frequently asked questions that we thought might help you: 

Do we have access to the outside area?
Yes, you can have access to the outside area and it can be hired exclusively for $150. If it's not hired exclusively, other customers can access it during business hours. For parties with more than 20 children, we do require that you hire the back exclusively. 

How many people can we invite to our party? 
Our party room downstairs can accomodate between 10-20 kids and the corresponding adults (1-2 adults per child).  Please inquire if your party is bigger for us to discuss the different options. 
Upstairs we have a maximum of 15 kids and 10 adults - but we encourage parents to grab a coffee or go for a walk as the upstairs room can get quite cramped with too many big adult bodies! 

Can we make changes to the catering or do it ourselves?
We like to be flexible so the answer is yes. We can add or remove things from the catering and if you would like to cater it all yourselves, we remove the catering charge all together and charge you a self-catering fee of $50. 

Can we decorate ourselves?
Yes, no problem however this doesn't alter the price of your party. 

Do you provide adult catering?
We do not offer adult catering, however you are welcome to bring in your own food. We are right next door to Andrew's Hamburgers (only open Saturday's) and can do mini-burgers or adult burgers from them too. 

Can you organise lolly bags? 
Yes, we are happy to organise lolly bags and have lots of great ideas to do so. They range from $7-$15 per lolly bag depending on how customised you would like them. 

Do you do parties on weekdays? 
Yes we can accommodate parties on weekdays and we simply need to work around our class schedule to do so. When you fill out the inquiry form, please make a special note of this and we will get back to you with availabilities. 

Can we hire the entire Habitots venue? 
Another yes! This one is obviously a custom quote so we need as much information from you and we can let you know if we can do it. There are options to use the downstairs & upstairs room as well as the outside space for kids, adult, corporate or fundraising parties.

Do I have a host with me during the party?
Our party host will set up/clean up and be present to help when needed, however they will not stay in the room the entire time. If you wish to have a host with you for the duration of the party, who can help you run it, help with the food and children, there is an additional cost. Please speak to the party coordinator for more information.