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Playdough, something kids need for school

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In a recent research report through Griffith University, early childhood professor Bev Fluckinger reports that the age-old toy playdough is beneficial for “physical, social and creative skills and should be introduced as soon as kids can grasp it”. This was reported in the Herald Sun article here.

The article explains that children “need to knead and sculpt Play-Doh to build finger muscles and prepare for school”. “Building muscle tones in their fingers; it makes transition to school and early years in school much easier.”

“The physical benefits of manipulating Play-Doh certainly do help children develop their fine motor skills and strengthens their fingers, but that’s one of the smaller aspects of Play-Doh,” Dr Fluckinger said.

“Play-Doh is something that is used for social time, where kids can use their imagination and their creativity to create scenarios and dialogues as they’re playing.”

At Habitots, we give kids the opportunity to use playdough in our Messy Play & Creative Play classes from 1 year old. The report suggests that it’s ok to let babies as young as 6 months old start to touch and feel playdough, as we know a childs development through sensory play is so important this age.

We love a local Victoria brand called Happy Hands, Happy Heart who make beautifully scented playdough and whose images are featured.

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