Art Party

Come discover your creative side and take part in an art party in our Art Studio!

Location: Upstairs room 
Ages: 2 - 8 year olds
Max # of kids: 10 children with a parent remaining, up to 15 children if parents drop them off.
(The art room is a small space and more than 10 adults makes it a very tight squeeze!)
Hosted: 1 hour class with an art teacher
Decoration: Stylish party decorations and tableware including plates, cups, napkins, hats. Tablecloth, bunting and non-helium balloons also supplied. 

Art Party for 4-8 year olds (maximum of 15 children)
Main activity options include:
- Canvas painting
Possible themes include Rainbow Sparkle, Snowflakes, Princess Crowns, Under the Sea and more.
- Beaded jewellery 
- Air Dry Clay crazy clay creatures

The class also included are several craft activities:
- Party crown decorating
- Collage using stickers and paper shapes
- Cookie decorating 

Messy Play for 2-4 year olds (maximum of 10 children)
Possible themes include Party Time, Dinosaur Stomp, Race Track, Flower Garden and more.
Activities include:
- Process art painting
- Giant easel painting
- Watercolour painting
- Stamping and colouring
- Party crown construction
- Fun-dough plus toys
- Sensory play plus toys
- Cookie decorating

Catering includes: 

Fairy Bread
Sausage Rolls
Pizza Scrolls
Ham & Cheese sandwiches
Fruit Skewers

$490 for 10 kids

$15 extra/child for catering
$10 extra/child for craft





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