Easy Craft Party

This easy craft party is perfect for kids (and parents) who want something simple but fun and flexible. Keep it low-key and let kids be kids as they come & go from a cute craft station, the backyard cubby & sandpit and the food table.

The DIY craft table includes:

- Crowns and masks to decorate with paper shapes and stickers
-Colouring in
-Fun dough and tools
-Kinetic sand and tools
-Collage with paper shapes and stickers
-Stamp pads and stampers


Possible themes:
- Jungle Animals
- Dinosaurs
- Butterflies
- Flower garden
- Fairies
- Princesses

Location: Downstairs room
Ages: 1+
Max # of kids: 12-15 (activity dependant)
Host: this package does not include an art teacher or host who stays for the duration of the party. They will of course set up and clean up after.
Decoration: Stylish party decorations and tableware including plates, cups, napkins, hats. Tablecloth, bunting and non-helium balloons also supplied. 

Catering includes: 

Fairy Bread
Sausage Rolls
Pizza Scroll
Ham & Cheese sandwiches
Fruit Cups

Activity upgrade options include: 

- an art class instructed by one of our teachers (4yrs+; $120 extra; 12 kids max)
- an entertainer to do face painting, bubbles, games (1yrs+: 60 minutes; $200)


$415 for 10 kids
$15 extra/child for catering
$5 extra/child for craft
Additional fee depending on if you choose an activity above

Check out our FAQ's HERE if you have more questions.

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