simplicity challenge

Simplicity Challenge 2019

Have you signed up yet for our free Simplicity Challenge that starts January 1st, 2019? I’m thrilled that so many people are already signed up and can’t wait to get started helping you Make More Space for Living in 2019.

It’s completely free and we will be working on: 

    • Your spaces
    • Your stuff
    • Your schedule
    • Your stress
    • Your spending


So get ready for some physical and emotional decluttering, getting organised, finding time, creating rituals and reducing your stress next year. Please share the challenge with your loved onesh, friends & colleagues because the more accountability we have, the more chance of success! Let’s find you more joy, purpose, fulfillment and personal growth next year and let’s do it together. 

Watch this video that will tell you a little more about the challenge. 

Simplicity challenge