Be more intentional.
Find more time & energy to do the things that matter most.
Simply Living can help you.

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Hi I’m Suzanne and I’m helping women prioritise, be more
productive at home and work, and still dream BIG. 
I’ve developed Simply Living to help women
 like you learn to live with less & do less, while getting more out of life. 

Starts 28th May, limited to 20 women only

Is this you?

  • Do you feel like life is way too hectic, overwhelming and you're just running to keep up? 
  • Do you wish you could spend more time with your kids while they’re young and focus on what matters most?
  • Is your home a cluttered mess of toys and things you don’t need that you’re constantly tidying up?
  • Do you have dreams for your career, family or yourself that you want time, energy and space to dedicate to?

Simply Living can help

  • Find more purpose
  • Maximise your time
  • Reignite your dreams

A supportive program

A program with online learning, coaching, support & accountability that can change your life. Learn how to live with less & do less, while getting more out of your days, weeks & life.

Learn more about the 4-part system here that will help you find more calm, less chaos and more time doing the things you love to do.

Working together
- how does it work -

Online course

Sign up and get immediate access to the 4 modules. Each module will take you 1-2 hours to complete so you can work through it at your own pace.
All of the course is also available as an audio file so you can listen on the go.

1:1 coaching

Book your 1:1 coaching calls when you're ready. You will be coached by me (Suzanne!) and each call will last approx 1 hour.

Support & accountability

Join the discussions in our private Facebook group, join ongoing challenges, download all of the resources, video or audio files and continue to improve your life for years to come.

Starts 28th May, limited to 20 women only




I’m Suzanne, the founder and creator of Simply Living. I lived a hectic, overwhelming and cluttered life less than 3 years ago. Since then, I’ve worked hard to slow life down, simplify and am spending more time doing the things I truly love.

I’m so thrilled to launch my Simply Living course to help others, like you, reduce your stress, overwhelm and take simple steps to make real change in your life.

I’ve recorded a video below to tell you a bit more about the course, who it’s for and what to expect.

Please email me with any questions you might have!

Starts 28th May, limited to 20 women only

What other's have to say

What I like about working with Suzanne is she changes your habits and your thoughts at the same time. Her approach to simplicity has found its way into every area of my life. I love to bake gluten-free and over the course of the month I realized how much I like to keep my baking simple (gluten-free baking can quickly become complicated). This to me is a side-benefit from taking part in her Simplicity Challenge. It’s helped raise my awareness and see where I am living simply, and where I can further simplify my life.
Suzanne managed to prepare an amazing Simplicity month full of exercises for us to reflect in the now and where we actually want to be. Sharing her own personal experiences was really insightful. Looking forward to more challenges like this.
A big thank you! Weirdly because my husband is the tidy one, this challenge made space for our relationship. He is no longer suppressing his grumpiness of my untidiness and our relationship improved (immensely) because of that. It’s life changing to say the least and that’s why week 1 was so important to me and I wanted to keep focusing on that.
Ronald Neely