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Super easy ornaments for kids aged 1-99!

We love an activity where all of our boys take part at the same time and whilst it’s sometimes a pipe dream, when it happens it’s a treat!

We made the easiest Christmas ornaments and all 3 boys were engaged and able to participate.

We made air-dry clay out of 2 ingredients and they’re now hanging on our tree looking beautiful. They’ll even make a few gifts when we send them to relatives for a personal, cost effective gift. When people don’t really need another pair of socks, give them a gift with meaning and made with love. ❤

To make the dough, you’ll need 1.5 cups of cornflour and 1 cup of PVA or white glue. We started with about 1 cup of cornflour and as we were mixing the two together, we added more cornflour to reduce the stickyness and get it to a consistency where we could roll it out.

After rolling it out, we used cookie cutters to make shapes and a cup to make circles. You can press leaves, branches and hands into the dough while it’s still soft to personalise them further. Lastly we added names either on the front or back with a wood skewer but anything pointy should work.

Leave to dry overnight and paint the next day if you want. We coated ours with a little glitter and glue mixture to make it a little glossy and shiny but the finish is totally up to you.

Have fun and get making this weekend! It’s relaxing and takes your mind away from other worries, not to mention keeping the kids entertained and contributing to the Christmas spirit. Read all about how beneficial play can be for both adults and kids on our post here.

Find out more about us here and join us on December 11th at Highpoint for more Christmas decoration making!

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