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The Makers Series: A top pick for kids tableware with brand We Might Be Tiny

Makers Series- We Might Be Tiny

When I had our retail store open, I always remarked at how much tableware we sold! When I set about looking for some brands to stock, I wasn’t starved for choice and I found lots of very clever (mostly mums) who’d created some beautiful products. I admire so many of these small product owners, who’ve built their businesses from scratch, listened to customers in making their products and are always one step ahead of us with designs and functional features. There was one in particular that we stocked and loved and I’m now watching from a far, wanting to order more of their range with the new innovative designs. Meet, We Might Be Tiny.

This relatively new brand in Australia, first came to the market with an adorable range of placemats in cute, pastel colours made of super functional silicone. In their classic designs of a bear, bunny and the new cat, they are perfect to clear away messes and encourage kids to sit in their spot (anything helps!). They can be popped into the dishwasher but we always wiped ours clean and folded it away until the next meal.

Screenshot 2017-10-17 19.08.46

Blue placie

Created by Melbourne mum Eleanor Cullen, Eleanor set out to design products that delighted and inspired both the young, and young at heart.  We Might Be Tiny was formed through the need for simple, minimalistic products that not only look good in the home, but are functional and practical.

Now their new line of snack boxes (Snackies), double as a container to eat from as well and are sure to be amazing sellers in retail stores. The colours are gorgeous and their functional design will help parents heading out of the house with snack at hand (well we know they’ll help mums because we all know Dad’s leave the house with child and nothing else!). The Snackies boxes can be used in the microwave to rewarm food and thrown in the dishwasher after.

Screenshot 2017-10-17 19.09.55

All of the products are made from a toxic-free, food grade silicone, the placemats, Snackies and now matching cups are non-slip and dishwasher safe.

Screenshot 2017-10-17 19.08.34

I’ve seen Eleanor in action for the past few years and admire her perseverance and attention to a gorgeous asthetic. It can be a hard slog designing and producing your own products from scratch (when it’s also not your background) so well done Eleanor, we hope We Might Be Tiny continues to be a huge success.

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