Top 5 easy to make Mother’s Day gifts

I know, it might seem a little silly to give a bunch of women ideas on what to give them for Mother’s Day. I mean, my male readers are very few so I know 99% of you are women, and likely lots of mums given our kid content. So, please read these super cute ideas anyway, click FORWARD, and inspire your partner, hubby or friend. I know many of you will also be looking for ideas on what to give your mums, step-mums, grandmothers so if you’re looking for an easy, cute and often inexpensive crafty ideas, look no further! 

Flower Pot DIY
Via Kid Made Modern

Flower Pots for mother's dayFlower Pots for mother's day












Bouquet of flower cards
Via Handmade Charlotte

Handmade charlotte 1-diy-mothers-day-bouquet
















Love Tokens
Via Small for Big













Simply beautiful mugs

Via Lauren Conrad

Mother's Day mugs












Finger print pendant

Via The Crafty Crow

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  • Christensen's Flower Auction

    These are 5 great gift ideas. I would like also to include DIY flower arrangement. It is a great family bonding and a lovely gift to moms on this special occasion. Thank you Habitots for sharing your easy gift ideas. Keep it up.

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