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Top Picks for colourful kids rooms

We’ve renovated and moved a lot in the last 10 years, and have lived in a lot of different style houses & apartments. Living in Melbourne, one of the most expensive cities in the world for real estate, we realised early on, this was going to be the only way we could afford a house in the area we wanted. Let me tell you, moving is awful, moving with kids is even worse!

During our last renovation, we moved into a small terraced house that had dark wood panelling throughout, yellow-tinged walls and the boys bedroom was tiny. What I’ve learned though, is kids don’t need a huge amount of space – in fact we put them in a bunk bed to sleep and we found them together in the same bed every morning.

When we were planning their new bedrooms, we didn’t skimp on storage and where possible, we put in wardrobes for clothes and to store their ‘stuff’ they acquire, gather and hoard. I also wanted to decorate their rooms to suit their styles, but I’m not huge on majorly styled bedrooms that date and are more a ‘styling project for mum’ than a kids bedroom!

Oliver’s room with a T&W artwork. Image by Urban Safari, link below.

As I do when I start to decorate any room, I started with the floors, walls & lighting. The carpets were decided quite early, but I wanted to break up the grey carpet and layer a rug in front of the bed or fireplace to add a bit of colour to the space. So much of my research for ideas starts online and I found Temple and Webster to be a great place for ideas and good cost effective choices. When they asked me recently to partner on a blog post, I didn’t hesitate as I’d bought quite a few things for our home from them and could easily endorse them as a perfect shopping destination. In fact, I signed up for their weekly newsletter when they first opened and still love getting their curated selection each week,  to keep up on current colours, trends & styles.

“So much of my research for ideas starts online and I found Temple and Webster to be a great place for ideas and good cost effective choices.”

One of the things I love, is being able to search their site depending on the room I’m designing.  So in the kids rooms, I had big walls and I searched the Wall Art section for large pieces and ones that fit my budget. For the living room, I needed a very specific sized rug which was also easy to find. I’m always on the lookout for cute options for future project and jumping on the Temple and Webster site recently, I was swept back into renovation & designing mode and loved finding lots of great options for kids rooms.

Here are my top picks:

Great Wall Art Picks for Kids Rooms (click each image to take you to the product)

Cute illustrated character


Gorgeous Anna Blatman Bird
Perfect for a boy or girl as they get a bit older

Perfect Lighting Options (click on each image to shop!)

Great neutral bedside table lamp that will grow with every child

Screenshot 2017-08-06 14.45.18Butterfly-Table-Lamp-DDBTL001Weatherproof+LED+Furniture+Cube


Rugs designed for playing on (click on each image to shop your fav!)

I’ve searched high and low for rugs and have bought quite a few from Temple & Webster – we have them in our dining room, living room and one Spencer’s room. You can find what you need for any budget, material or colour.


I love this one for a girls room and think it would frame an area really well. There are so many colours here that aren’t too girly but can be featured around the room. Soft+Pastel+Border+Rug

Felt ball rug that is perfect in front of a bed
Our beach house with the Felt Ball rug in the bunk room.

Image above by Urban Safari, all others supplied by Temple & Webster.

Jump over to the Temple & Webster site to have a look for yourself and I’d suggest signing up to their daily or weekly newsletter as they launch new collections every few days. There is always something new and some things come & go, so you need to be quick! Have fun and please let us know if you’ve found our suggestions to be helpful in your designing challenge.

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